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Personal Research Project | FAD MAD Campaign

Johanné Venter

FAD MAD | CAMPAIGN  This illustration project is a self-initiated interactive campaign that aims to offer commentary on,  and educate millennial women about, unhealthy beauty trends.  Many women find current beauty trends, fads or expectations uncomfortable or inconvenient to adhere to. These trends are often aesthetically driven but unhealthy. However, women feel pressured to settle for these beauty trends in order to fit society’s commercial beauty ideals, and many are not even aware that they are unhealthy.  The illustration-driven campaign will serve as an awareness campaign which informs the audience about these trends and creates a platform which gives a voice to the women that won’t settle for these unhealthy lifestyles or don’t want to. The campaign consists of branding, posters, social media interactions and polls, an event with three interactive platforms and three artefacts. The single-minded message of this campaign is “Kill the unhealthy trends and embrace your natural healthy self!”  The campaign’s social media platforms and interactive events are democratic platforms for millennial women’s honest experiences, opinions and commentary. Therefore, its tone of voice is quirky, light hearted, honest and aimed at  millennial women. This tone of voice is evident in the illustrations that serve as the campaign’s visual language. The illustrations draw on visual cues from the democratic platform of street art through its use of illustrative type, bold colours and full compositions.  These illustrations and the collected commentary and opinions were then reworked into surface designs and printed onto material to further spread the message. 

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